Treat the planet as you wish to stay!

Ecology is a PUNK thing: It turns our life upside down, changes our habits, widens our comfort zone.

Nature conservation is not anymore the private affair of the civil organisations.

We need to make sustainability as an aspect of how we live our every day life, we need to bring it into our kitchen, bathroom, we also need to count it in when we’re shopping.

The change of attitude mostly takes root in remorse, recognizing that our learnt existence that we’re
used to harms Nature, which causes damage to us at the end. But awareness doesn’t always bring
immediate, positive feedback.

It often sucks to live in an environmentally conscious way. It involves
resignation and conflict.


There are plenty of content out there causing fear of death and climate anxiety, articles invade about ocean pollution, dying polar bears but it seems like that doesn’t lead to results. In our opinion we need easily accessible, interpretable, well-founded information which shows us solutions, possibilities, positive ways as widely as possible. Existing contents -even if they’re colorful and rich- are often divisive, difficult to digest and they leave us alone with a superficial knowledge that we need to collect and systematize from a thousand of different sources.

Treat the planet

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published a report in 2018 which says that a 1,5 C° warming can start a series of scary consequences which can only be preventable by a newly beginning man-time (30 years) long worldwide transformation.
It’s not enough to think in isolated groups and extremes.

Masses need to change their everyday behavior. Everyone is needed, the members of business life as well as individuals. We ruined it on a
business basis, we need to fix it on the same way.

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