Discussions, conversations, workshops during the day, concerts in the evening, camping at night.

The answers of business life members, green civils, farmers, small communities to curbing climate change.

On Ecopunk Gathering, leaving the standard frames, outdoors, in a festival environment, we can collect the latest, quality knowledge about everyday ecology which we couldn’t access before or just between four walls in neon lights: sustainability in everyday life and climate protection in practice.

Four days of recharge, relationship building, networking in Jákotpuszta!

We reject resentment, pointing at each other. Everyone is responsible for their own ecological footprint. On Ecopunk Gathering we look for a cure together for our own remorse and we show solutions through the experts of the subject so everyone can compile for themselves those that can fit their everyday life.

The goal of the event is to make the reduction of our own ecological footprint an available and attractive thing for wide masses. Therefore anyone who visits the gathering -wherever they are in their change of attitude, living any kind of lifestyle- can find solutions that can be integrated in their everyday routine after getting back home. We achieve that by bringing the professionals of the main topics under one cover. We collect practical advices, solutions, tricks in one space and make the themes interoperable. We experiment, doubt and search for answers.

We look for sustainable alternatives to what is necessary for our physical existence on the planet
called Earth.