The festival will move to a new location this year, it will be held in the area of the Dél-Cserhát Ecological Landscape Center in Jákotpuszta.

Already in the 1990s, Jákotpuszta was one of the forerunners of the change in domestic agricultural direction, operating as an ethological model farm under the leadership of Tibor Keszthelyi. The events and camps organized here have been helping to change attitudes for many decades, and we are now joining this circle with the EcoPunk meeting.

During the day presentations, discussions, conversations, workshops take place on several locations, at night bands and dj-s known from domestic festivals perform. The festival includes a camping with tent sites and cold water showers .


It’s the best to talk about environmental protection on a place where you immediately would like to protect this beauty. The scenery of the event fits this, the appearance of the festival is sustainable too. The decoration is made from demolished, waste planks, we use environmentally friendly paint.

Everyone can use their own dinner set, dishwashing is possible. In addition we have deposit recups and compostable dishes but the latter is not the real thing. We have selective bins and we compost everything we can.

The festival armband is recycled from jeans material which is no longer functioning as clothing, colored with environmentally friendly screen paint.

Ecopunk Gathering is carbon neutral, the tickets’ price include planting trees to compensate our carbon footprint.

As a visitor you can help us with using environmentally friendly toiletries, bringing your own dinner set and collecting garbage selectively. Don’t print your tickets, it’s enough if you show it on your phone. Use our ridesharing group.